There are only a few things I insta buy the update to. OmniFocus is one of them. And boy they packed it with tons of new amazing things. Already adding tags to everything <3

OMG. Season 3 of the Serial Podcast is amazing. 😍😍

We started to look for a regular babysitter for our little one here in Berlin. How did you find yours? Any recommendations?

Podcasts. Sometimes I have 0 things to listen to in Overcast and two days later 12. I think there might be a possible optimization when to release a podcast based on that behavior. Need to investigate that 🤔

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Wir haben für Berlin noch einige Diversity-Plätze frei – für Mädchen, für Jugendliche mit Fluchterfahrung oder Migrationshintergrund:

In other news: Alle anderen Plätze sind vergeben! *\ö/*
Danke für euer großes Interesse! Mails kommen heute. #jugendhackt

I would love to live in a world where every public building and park had free wifi through here in Berlin 😢.

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Tell your friends: semantic-rs 1.0 is out!

Three years ago and I started to work on this. After a longer break we just released the first major version and there's plenty more to come!

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I'm very happy to hear that the Godot game engine eventually decided to move from master/slave terminology to master/puppet terminology

The devs were initially resistant to it, but have come around to agreeing that not only is it the right thing to do, the terms better reflect what is happening technically now.

If I want to build a small website that renders stuff server side in Javascript, what framework do I use right now? It needs to render HTML and store some stuff in a PostgreSQL database.

I finished "Getting Clojure" by Russ Olsen and loved it. If you need a nice introduction into , get that book.

Back home after a week on the baltic coast. Already missing the morning walk to the beach 😢

This is an interesting twist on a job board: search by values that are important to you:

I am searching for small bags that I can sort my stuff and grab them blindly out of my messenger bag. Different haptic for each bag would be very helpful for that. Does something like that exist? Or do I have to add the haptic part myself to some regular packing cubes?

Using overdrive and goodreads? This little firefox plugin shows you what is available in the overdrive account of your library:

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We only have until Wednesday and the vote will be on a hair's-breadth margin. PLEASE visit to do something about it -- and then TELL TWO EUROPEAN FRIENDS about this!

The Umspannwerk in Berlin where Google plans to open a new Google Campus is occupied right now:

If you are looking for an ereader that isn’t a Kindle and supports epubs, don’t buy the Tolino stuff. Its overpriced, slow and buggy as hell.

Instead buy the Kobo Clara HD. A beautiful device that feels like a Kindle but allows you to upload whatever you want to it, has a really awesome integration and is cheaper than the Tolino crap. 10/10, would buy again. 😍

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