I am searching for an upright sitting bike that is stylish, clean and has a belt drive. Would love to get some recommendations.

I have a spare Lenovo Thinkpad T450 that I don’t need anymore. Want to donate it to an organisation here in Berlin. Any ideas who needs it the most?

On my way to . Can’t wait to see you all again 👋

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Shame on you all. Nobody told me that there is a movie that came out a couple of weeks on HBO 😱😍

So i tried linux on the desktop for 3 months and sadly it still has the same issues i had when i switched from it to the mac over a decade ago. I am too old and on a too tight time budget for all the things i would need to build/improve to have it actual useful for me without too many compromises. And because of that i am buying a new MBPro right now 😢.

If you are allowed to vote today, please do so!

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Every configuration language will end up being touring complete. Just give it some time. Latest example: Terraform 🙃

So what do you use nowadays to create a nice styleguide for all components defined in (s)css?

This is an important discussion we need to have more of in tech right now: overcast.fm/+QLdu8MayU

I still haven’t found a dad parenting podcast where they don’t use the phrase „you have to fight for your rights in your relationship“. Always wondering what kind of relationships those people have and aim for 😱. So if you have a good one that is better than this, help me out here. Thanks.

After all that it's time for some happy things: Eurovision Song Contest 🥰 youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=D

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Just used a -golf this morning. Really solid car and nice experience driving it. Sadly a bit short range wise but this is an electric car worth considering to buy. Well, as long as VW didn't lie again and build a hidden diesel engine into it 😆

Today I tried to connect an external monitor to my linux laptop. Lol. I should have know that this isn’t that easy 🤣

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#herzensprojekt mit Hilfe des @PrototypeFund umsetzen. Erfahrt in der neuen Episode des Digitale Gruender #podcast von @bitboxer wie ihr euch vom Staat bei der Umsetzung von #opensource Projekten unterstützen lassen könnt 😊

Die Episode bekommt ihr via: digitalegruender.de/abo

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