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Gilt auch dieses Jahr wieder! #apply
To all the #womenintech based in Germany: The Prototype Fund hands out up to 47.500€ for your opensource project 💸💸💸

We explicitly invite projects ideas by women* – apply now until March 31!

#womeninIT #applynow

I tried to use NodeJS to write a client project that communicated with a postgres. And again, like so many times before, it ended as a clusterfuck of flakey tests and awful configuration. After 3 days I am giving up again and will switch to a better toolset for these things. Amazing how little progress NodeJS did regarding this. Especially when you see how fast the package versions change.

Makes me feel they all simply yakshave new features without focusing to make it work.

The amazing feeling when you get the first round of ux mockups for the new side project you are working on 😍.

The feeling when you realize one of your direct dependencies in your app is build by palantir 😱😢🙊

Blue Oak reads like a really nice license idea. I think I will use that on my next project. Anyone here with reasons why I shouldn't ? hat nun auch GebärdenSchrift-Bilder auf der Seite dank des tollen Deleges Projektes.

Hier ein Beispiel:

Pro tip: the allergy season started. If you start to get symptoms, try to get an air purifier to clean up the air in the room you are sleeping.

For example this one:

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Die Gastro-Lobby will User von #TopfSecret massiv einschüchtern. Wir veröffentlichen einen Musterbrief der @DEHOGA_BV an seine Mitglieder, der zum Widerstand gegen Transparenz aufruft.

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Why did nobody tell me about ?

Well thanks anyway, I found it, bought it, and sunk the whole Sunday in it yesterday.
It is goooood! It's also nicely playable with trackpad + keyboard.

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Drip - die OpenSource App zum Zyklustracking wurde heute erstmals als public Beta veröffentlicht. Die APK für Android gibts auf der Seite zum Download. Die Entwicklerinnen bitten um Feedback.

PS: Ein iOS-Fork existiert bereits ist aber noch nicht so weit.

I need a german word for „a 3 year old kickstarter that i totally forgot about arrived and I have mixed feelings about the product quality“.

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« Alte Abiaufgaben zur Prüfungsvorbereitung einfach herunterladen? Geht nicht. Ein neues Portal von @fragdenstaat und Wikimedia Deutschland erleichtert nun den Zugang. Mach mit unter!
#fragsieabi »

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I want to secure a contact page from spam and don’t want to use reCaptcha. Are there alternatives that i can use with elixir?

My only use case for wolfram alpha is to convert US cups/spoon based recipes: 🤣

is a really nice Gimlet podcast. Binge listened it. And this says a lot if you know how much time i have for binging.

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My god, seriously, if you have anything for maps, go see these public-domain equal-earth ones:


Printable at over 1 meter wide at 300 DPI.

These are by Tom Patterson, a highly, highly skilled cartographer. #gis

🦥 <- this will become a sloth if your device gets an software update later this year.

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