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Why did nobody tell me about ?

Well thanks anyway, I found it, bought it, and sunk the whole Sunday in it yesterday.
It is goooood! It's also nicely playable with trackpad + keyboard.

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Drip - die OpenSource App zum Zyklustracking wurde heute erstmals als public Beta veröffentlicht. Die APK für Android gibts auf der Seite zum Download. Die Entwicklerinnen bitten um Feedback.

PS: Ein iOS-Fork existiert bereits ist aber noch nicht so weit.

I need a german word for „a 3 year old kickstarter that i totally forgot about arrived and I have mixed feelings about the product quality“.

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« Alte Abiaufgaben zur Prüfungsvorbereitung einfach herunterladen? Geht nicht. Ein neues Portal von @fragdenstaat und Wikimedia Deutschland erleichtert nun den Zugang. Mach mit unter!
#fragsieabi »

— Retweet

I want to secure a contact page from spam and don’t want to use reCaptcha. Are there alternatives that i can use with elixir?

My only use case for wolfram alpha is to convert US cups/spoon based recipes: 🤣

is a really nice Gimlet podcast. Binge listened it. And this says a lot if you know how much time i have for binging.

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My god, seriously, if you have anything for maps, go see these public-domain equal-earth ones:


Printable at over 1 meter wide at 300 DPI.

These are by Tom Patterson, a highly, highly skilled cartographer. #gis

🦥 <- this will become a sloth if your device gets an software update later this year.

At this point I just assume hackspaces keep having a phone just for the "hello we detected a problem with your windows installation" spam calls.

Has anyone I know tried space-vim yet? Really curious about it right now and don't know if it will be worth trying out.

My microservice philosophy: don't slice the bread before it's baked.

The amazing Laura Gaetano was interviewed by changelog <3

Please do not implement auth stuff yourself. And if you do, do not ever write something like this:

if (passwordHash == hash(passwortInput)) ...

this is prone to timing attacks and a few other things. Use a save way to compare things using a crypto library helper function of your choice.

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