Next : kmail and thunderbird are buggy as hell. Any other ui mail client that i should try? And no, i don’t want to go the cli mail route just yet.

@thegcat @bitboxer it is and while it’s not great and reeks a little of Outlook 2000, it is very stable and I sort of like it now.

@moritzheiber @halfbyte @bitboxer I was thinking that there must be something "Gnome native", though the last time I really used Linux on the Desktop that was Evolution 😅 Seems I lost touch a bit.

@moritzheiber @halfbyte @thegcat Does that one have GPG support? Couldn't not find anything about that.

@bitboxer @halfbyte @Thegcat it seems to be in the works:

But no, currently it doesn’t.

There’s also Sylpheed and all its forks. I used it extensively in the past, it’s a solid client.

@bitboxer @halfbyte @Thegcat There‘s also Mailpile now btw.. it’s just a Little heavier than the other options (well, maybe not heavier than Thunderbird):

@moritzheiber @halfbyte @thegcat yeah, it looks really nice. But without gpg it's sadly a bit useless for me now.

@halfbyte @thegcat Totally forgot that client. After 10 minutes I have to say: the best I had on linux so far. Will try for a couple of days now.

@bitboxer It would be better to resolve what makes thunderbird "buggy as hell", because it should integrate very well into all the DE/WMs I had so far.

@242242 UI rendering issues with a dark scheme for starters + crashed twice in a day for me. Also the UI looks horrible.

@bitboxer Just as I said, my opinion is that to resolve bugs you should debug with the console or built-in error logs. If you think it looks horrible that is a completely separate issue. The thunderbird variants offer the most functions vs portability. (Gnome's Evolution is also great but in my experience only on GTK-based DEs.)

@242242 Yes, sure, expect everyone to open a gdb session, try to debug the code, write a patch, send it in. But sorry, i have a 1 year old kid, a job and enough other things on my plate. Don't expect everyone to have enough time to do these things. Also: I already posted error reports in the according channels of kmail and thunderbird.

@bitboxer Wow. Why did you get passive-aggressive? Debugging your own system is not really the same thing that you mentioned but alright.

@bitboxer they are all broken in one way or another, sadly :-c

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