Today I tried to connect an external monitor to my linux laptop. Lol. I should have know that this isn’t that easy 🤣

@bitboxer usually this requires the discrete card, which on linux typically means saying goodbye to your battery

@schnittchen it didn't even work at all. Its 2019, I really expected this to be fixed by now 🤣

@bitboxer @schnittchen

Which machine and window management do you use?

Usually it's not that much of a deal.

If you're working on a dual graphics machine like me (T430) there are ways nowadays which won't ruin your battery life.

@patrik @schnittchen t450. It now kinda works but sadly the shadow effect on the borders of the mint cinnamon desktop flicker like hell. So not usable right now.

@bitboxer Maybe you're just playing linux on hard mode? On ubuntu I've never had issues with external monitors or projectors

@lislis this is linux mint cinemaon. Basically a modded ubuntu.

@bitboxer Let me know if you still need help. I've never had issues with external screens with my Thinkpad

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