I still haven’t found a dad parenting podcast where they don’t use the phrase „you have to fight for your rights in your relationship“. Always wondering what kind of relationships those people have and aim for 😱. So if you have a good one that is better than this, help me out here. Thanks.

On the parenting side, not the spouse relationship side, I love the book 'Unconditional Parenting' by Alfie Kohn. Most parenting books seem to focus on getting the kids to do what you want, this one frames the discussion around having kids develop their own independent ethical code. No silver bullets, though.

Most of the time my wife and I fought, it's because I had lost track of how much work she was doing. I thought I was doing half, but was wildly wrong.

@mike thanks! i have tons of good books already, i am searching for podcasts atm.

I understand. I apologize if my drive-by suggestion was too unrelated to the topic.

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