If you can order glitter stickers for your side project, order glitter stickers for your side project 😍 @wishlephant

The kindergarten of our little one uses a new SaS to communicate with the parents. That service uses software components that are 5 years and older. This is totally fine 🙈


Finally GitHub is promising to enhance the mobile web experience 🙌

Camera advertises use cases with Babys, Family, Office and old Man. I clearly understand the need to check on old white men. We need more cameras for those.

Sometimes I ask myself if a company logo is intentional or if they just don’t see the problem. For example this one.

The bonus points system of the cinestar cinemas is really precise 🤣

@bascht Looks like LinkedIn thinks you have a new job. Congrats to that 😆 .

Good news everyone, you can now write your AWS Lambda in Cobol 🤣

Star Gate Captain America IronMan. Of course this is all on the poster of the new Dj Bobo tour. Why not 🤣. awooo.club/media/tSt42qPoZ7ZC6

At this speed the only pizza delivery left in berlin will be small independent ones and domino's 😭

Yes! My library here in Berlin now added a bunch of o‘reilly books to overdrive <3. The libby app now got more awesome than it already was to me. If you don’t have an library card in Berlin: it’s just 10€ a year and includes overdrive.com access with thousands of great books.

Am I the only one who thinks the new icon of tweetbot looks kinda angry? I mean it fits the content over there, but interesting choice 😆 awooo.club/media/R9QVHewB6UYb6

Godaddy advertises a tattoo shop here in Berlin with a parked domain. In other words: the ad campaign department has the same quality as their domain service 🤣 awooo.club/media/O5GcCKHYkR2Sg

The berlin police now hands outpassive aggressive notes to bike owners to buy a better bike lock 😱 awooo.club/media/G64ScS_OFxt00

When the baby is getting a new tooth and only falls asleep with her favorite toy in her hand

Back home after a week on the baltic coast. Already missing the morning walk to the beach 😢 awooo.club/media/4BHcsg8RsawG5

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