@bascht Looks like LinkedIn thinks you have a new job. Congrats to that 😆 .

Good news everyone, you can now write your AWS Lambda in Cobol 🤣

Star Gate Captain America IronMan. Of course this is all on the poster of the new Dj Bobo tour. Why not 🤣. awooo.club/media/tSt42qPoZ7ZC6

At this speed the only pizza delivery left in berlin will be small independent ones and domino's 😭

Yes! My library here in Berlin now added a bunch of o‘reilly books to overdrive <3. The libby app now got more awesome than it already was to me. If you don’t have an library card in Berlin: it’s just 10€ a year and includes overdrive.com access with thousands of great books.

Am I the only one who thinks the new icon of tweetbot looks kinda angry? I mean it fits the content over there, but interesting choice 😆 awooo.club/media/R9QVHewB6UYb6

Godaddy advertises a tattoo shop here in Berlin with a parked domain. In other words: the ad campaign department has the same quality as their domain service 🤣 awooo.club/media/O5GcCKHYkR2Sg

The berlin police now hands outpassive aggressive notes to bike owners to buy a better bike lock 😱 awooo.club/media/G64ScS_OFxt00

When the baby is getting a new tooth and only falls asleep with her favorite toy in her hand

Back home after a week on the baltic coast. Already missing the morning walk to the beach 😢 awooo.club/media/4BHcsg8RsawG5

Today was my last work day. Switching to parental leave mode now. Really looking forward to the next three months.

And if someone here wants to talk about or has general or questions, just ask 👋

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