I am searching for an upright sitting bike that is stylish, clean and has a belt drive. Would love to get some recommendations.

@jancborchardt @lislis hi! Klingt super cool. Meine Frau betreut auch noch diversitytickets.org. Wäre das auch cool für euch? Dann versuchen wir zwei mal zu besprechen wie wir das mit unserem fast 2 jahre alten Kind machen und sind auf jeden fall dabei.

I have a spare Lenovo Thinkpad T450 that I don’t need anymore. Want to donate it to an organisation here in Berlin. Any ideas who needs it the most?

@moritzheiber @bascht ich fall dann ins bettchen und bin dann morgen lieber ausgeschlafen

On my way to . Can’t wait to see you all again 👋

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Shame on you all. Nobody told me that there is a movie that came out a couple of weeks on HBO 😱😍

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So i tried linux on the desktop for 3 months and sadly it still has the same issues i had when i switched from it to the mac over a decade ago. I am too old and on a too tight time budget for all the things i would need to build/improve to have it actual useful for me without too many compromises. And because of that i am buying a new MBPro right now 😢.

@alper yes i know. And because of that I have more hopes in Khan than into the german government 😆

@alper i hope they translate it to german quickly

@moritzheiber what drama? You are the first that i see mentioning something happend?

@alper want fast and cheapish internet? Move to cologne. Netcologne has fiber to nearly every home there.

@gil ich mein, wo kommen wir denn hin wenn da plötzlich jemand Fakten über die CDU so kurz vor der Wahl posted?! Das geht doch nich. Das schöne Geld was für die ganze Werbung ausgegeben wurde plötzlich wertlos. Diese Geldvernichtung muss aufhören!

If you are allowed to vote today, please do so!

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@lambdatotoro the problem is that adding loops and other core languages features later make the language really hard to use/read.

@katrin_k I used both a lot, the former was better than the later back then. Interesting that there isn't a more modern approach to things right now 🤔

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