Finally GitHub is promising to enhance the mobile web experience 🙌

@gil @mheiber oh je. Natürlich schnell mal ein eigenes Format schrieben. Warum auch nich ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@tootapp don’t worry. That’s enough for me to know 😉.

@tootapp any plans to support the voting feature? Would love to vote inside the app. Thanks 😗

@rstockm leider kommen die menschen nur in 30% der Fälle das abholen 😢

@bonzoesc we did a competition how far a disk was flying on my c64 disk drive back then. Good times.

"Badass: Making Users Awesome" on for Kindle: 17,74. The cheapest non Amazon I found was 24,99€ . Sometimes I hate the not buying at amazon tax.

German politicians: we need upload filter that in the end prevent small business to start products. Also german politicians: why don’t we have a european cloud?

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Reminder: climate is not the same as the current weather.

If you understand german, this podcast is really great: . Real story about a person trying to leave east Germany in 1968.

@moritzheiber I also stopped drinking nearly completly. Was really nice to remove it from my life. Bonus: if I need to be awake I can use it as a booster every 3-4 months and it had a way stronger effect :) . Sadly with the baby I need to drink it more often, but I try not to do it more than once a month.

@riccomatx forgot why p2 is in there but i think i tried with 3 back then and it didn’t work. And no if you do the asset compilation on the same machine. That alone needs 1.2gig of ram. Running a small node just for you might be able on a 512m. But hetzner cloud has 2gig for 2.49€ a month, super cheap :)

@gil that leads to a page with tons of butttons that make play certain audio files. Now i understand 🤣

This instance is now updated to 2.8.0.

How awesome is that?

What I don’t understand about this petition ( : if they want to limit companies to only own max 3000 apartments, wouldn’t that just mean there are more shell companies that hold exactly 3k of apartments? It’s really easy to hide real owners in complex company structures.

@jesseplusplus have you heard about Drip? OpenSource, Privacy focused period tracking: I really hope they don’t have that problem.

@moritzheiber tomorrow we will have a parents meeting in the kita. Let’s see who is interested 🤣

My most favorite technique to stay up to date with tech topics is still working really great. Especially with my limited time due to parenting:

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