@max what do you think a single parent needs that you can’t deliver and still call your company familiy friendly? Really curious to know.

Don’t say your company is family friendly if a single raising parent can’t work there.

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Today is the 50 anniversary of "the mother of all demos", given by Douglas Engelbart. In 1968, he decided to skip 40 years of technological progress and introduce the internet, markup languages, the mouse, collaborative editors and videoconferences in just one hour and a half. Just amazing. youtube.com/watch?v=yJDv-zdhzM

A star is born is an amazing love story. Loved every minute of it. This movie will get some oscars for sure 9/10.

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@bascht Looks like LinkedIn thinks you have a new job. Congrats to that 😆 .

So I am right in the middle of building a new little web app and need to make it look nice. What is the late 2018 css template to use for a web project?

@nolan except for the fact that font rendering is totally off compared to mac and windows platforms 😢

Using my phone to play music for the baby pretty much ruined my „top songs 2018“ on Spotify 🤣

I love the fact that they had a real blind actor in the last episode instead of someone faking it. Next up: a real deaf person.

OMG, this auction with american tv shows is amazing just for the catalog alone. us.propstoreauction.com/view-a

@gil @potoroo Update: die Sidekiq ist nun abgearbeitet. Werde morgen nochmal rein schauen ob das weiter gut funktioniert. Sorry für den trouble.

@gil @potoroo sorry, da stimmt irgendwas nicht, der sidekiq hat sich wieder aufgehängt. Mache jetzt ein Update auf die 2.6.3 und hoffe das es damit besser wird.

@gil @potoroo Leider hat da was geklemmt und der Sidekiq Worker hat sich aufgehangen gestern. Hab den jetzt neugestartet.

Good news everyone, you can now write your AWS Lambda in Cobol 🤣

@bonzoesc yes, it was Badehaus. That night was really great back then.

Star Gate Captain America IronMan. Of course this is all on the poster of the new Dj Bobo tour. Why not 🤣. awooo.club/media/tSt42qPoZ7ZC6

Remember that Richard Simmons Podcast? That person now has a second season about the Y2K software issue. It’s more about people’s experiences around that time, not the software stuff and it’s amazing. headlongpodcast.com/

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