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I have a ticket 😍. If all things go as planned i will be there for at least two days. Can’t wait to meet all the people again.

This is how we radicalized the world. Important read if you want a good recap why we ended up here

Alone time is important and there is nothing wrong with spending a weekend on your own 💪

(I miss this the most as a dad 😢)

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@bkastl Das, äh, ambitioniert. Gut, dass es noch andere Termine gibt?

So is selling tickets to their new tour and the internet has tons of packet loss. Also: eventim is kinda down. 😱

Oh my god. Yesterday night I looked at 20-30 wishlist things online and this market is ripe for disruption. So many shitty web apps 😱🙈

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Scheidender Verfassungsschutzchef: #Maaßen wechselt doch nicht zu Seehofer Show more

I need a amazon whish list kind of thing but without amazon. People should be able to claim presents without me knowing. Any recommendations?

So we expected at least a bit more kids than last year for Halloween. Sadly only 2 groups came to our door. Now we have tons of sweets at home and the girlfriend is out with friends. Hope there will be some left for her when she comes back 😆

The Ruby on Ice CfP this year has lots of talks about . Way more than last year. Is there a trend to go back to it 🤔?

So no new AirPods 😢. Thought I could finally buy them. Let’s see when Apple will update them. Hopefully soonish.

Currently going through all the Ruby On Ice CfPs and rating them. Sooo many good proposals <3 . That conference will be really great! Get a ticket while they are still available:

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RT Haben wir DGS nutzende Follower die den #35c3 besuchen möchten?
Kennt ihr jemanden der DGS nutzt und den #35c3 besuchen möchte?


Yes! My library here in Berlin now added a bunch of o‘reilly books to overdrive <3. The libby app now got more awesome than it already was to me. If you don’t have an library card in Berlin: it’s just 10€ a year and includes access with thousands of great books.

Why would you wear a skin coloured leggins when jogging? Just thought that person was naked 😱😆

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