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@bascht Looks like LinkedIn thinks you have a new job. Congrats to that 😆 .

So I am right in the middle of building a new little web app and need to make it look nice. What is the late 2018 css template to use for a web project?

Using my phone to play music for the baby pretty much ruined my „top songs 2018“ on Spotify 🤣

I love the fact that they had a real blind actor in the last episode instead of someone faking it. Next up: a real deaf person.

OMG, this auction with american tv shows is amazing just for the catalog alone.

@gil @potoroo Update: die Sidekiq ist nun abgearbeitet. Werde morgen nochmal rein schauen ob das weiter gut funktioniert. Sorry für den trouble.

@gil @potoroo sorry, da stimmt irgendwas nicht, der sidekiq hat sich wieder aufgehängt. Mache jetzt ein Update auf die 2.6.3 und hoffe das es damit besser wird.

@gil @potoroo Leider hat da was geklemmt und der Sidekiq Worker hat sich aufgehangen gestern. Hab den jetzt neugestartet.

Good news everyone, you can now write your AWS Lambda in Cobol 🤣

Star Gate Captain America IronMan. Of course this is all on the poster of the new Dj Bobo tour. Why not 🤣.

Remember that Richard Simmons Podcast? That person now has a second season about the Y2K software issue. It’s more about people’s experiences around that time, not the software stuff and it’s amazing.

- So you wrote a book about stream processing
- Yes!
- And your first thought was to write 14.000 lines of LaTeX code to generate ANIMATIONS?
- Yes!
- You wrote a book, right?
- Yes!
- You understand that books are pages you read?
- Yes!
- So your focus was animations?!
- Yes!

o'Reillys Streaming Systems has some really "interesting" choices for explaining things.

I can confirm this test result: the best chocolate on the german market is „die gute schokolade“ 🍫😍

I have a „go to bed“ playlist with two songs for our little one on Spotify. Weirdly that list randomly gets a new song added(!!) or one removed at least every month or so. I have no clue what they are doing but be warned that your currated music list will not stay the same forever.

At this speed the only pizza delivery left in berlin will be small independent ones and domino's 😭

This is just an ad, but nevertheless really an amazing one worth to watch:

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