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The bonus points system of the cinestar cinemas is really precise 🤣

I currently get the suspicion that lots of the IoT devices are made for single men households. Most gadgets don't understand the concept of other people living in the same apartment with you. Or maybe for some people it is really okay to switch of all the lights if one of the people living there leaves for work 🤔

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Female* and interested in getting into it security? This workshop in Heidelberg might be the perfect fit for you:

@gil @potoroo I updated to mastodon 2.7.0 now 🎉. You can enable the listening of your profile in the directory: in your settings if you want.

It's always a strange feeling when someone asks for new features of open source projects you stopped working on more than a decade ago.

LOL. The MongoDB emulator Amazon shipped lately might just be a repackaged PostgreSQL

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Time to bring the good news to the Fediverse 💎

We're organising another edition of our Ruby on Ice Conf from February 22nd to 24th.

There's a great speaker lineup and the best bavarian food you can get. (that counts for the vegan options as well!)

Though Tegernsee is quite expensive, check our website for travel recommendations. The Venue is weelchair-accessible, if you need any other assistance: Talk to us!

A new tool from FragDenStaat: ask for inspection reports of german restaurants: <3 .

on is really nice. One little thing tough: I would love to know the decision process that ended up with 80s design and hardware (cars, tv, furniture, clothing..) BUT modern phones and references to people and bands.

I might have had too much fun playing with Really recommend checking it out if you own a hue or other IoT devices ❤️

This is a really good article about the current state of UX in 2019:

You can now also follow me on @PixelFed : @bitboxer . If this experiment is working okay I will create an instance on Let's see.

How would you build a lanyrd or goodreads alternative that is federated? A global state of conferences/books might be hard to synch. Are there any aproaches to these kind of problems?

What I will never understand is that somehow germany as collective thinks it is totally okay to trash the place on new years and leave the garbage on the street everywhere 😢😱

Sadly at home again and streaming talks while watching the kid. If you have any recommendations for good talks, ping me 😉 .

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