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This is an important discussion we need to have more of in tech right now:

I still haven’t found a dad parenting podcast where they don’t use the phrase „you have to fight for your rights in your relationship“. Always wondering what kind of relationships those people have and aim for 😱. So if you have a good one that is better than this, help me out here. Thanks.

After all that it's time for some happy things: Eurovision Song Contest 🥰

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Just used a -golf this morning. Really solid car and nice experience driving it. Sadly a bit short range wise but this is an electric car worth considering to buy. Well, as long as VW didn't lie again and build a hidden diesel engine into it 😆

Today I tried to connect an external monitor to my linux laptop. Lol. I should have know that this isn’t that easy 🤣

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#herzensprojekt mit Hilfe des @PrototypeFund umsetzen. Erfahrt in der neuen Episode des Digitale Gruender #podcast von @bitboxer wie ihr euch vom Staat bei der Umsetzung von #opensource Projekten unterstützen lassen könnt 😊

Die Episode bekommt ihr via:

Next : kmail and thunderbird are buggy as hell. Any other ui mail client that i should try? And no, i don’t want to go the cli mail route just yet.

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So after 3 years of asking everyone who I saw not cleaning behind their dogs I have the following statistic:

* 100% are white male above 50
* 100% knew that their dog did this
* 100% didn't care at all
* I saw a couple of them doing this repeatedly

My solution:

Male above 50 should not be allowed to own a dog. Or at least need to have a public visible ID attached to them on their bag (not on the dog).

On a positive note about Linux: wifi and printer aren't a problem anymore, and configuring my keyboard to my weird special layout was super easy.

Next linux question: the trackpad randomly selects text when i click and move the mouse. I tried to reduce the sensitivity in cinnamon but without success. Where do i get more config options? Also finger swipe gestures like on mac would be nice. Please help 🙇‍♀️.

So what do you use as app launcher on gnome nowadays? I am searching for something like Alfred on Mac.

Configuring my first linux desktop machine in 15 years. Hours I had this thing till I had to change settings in the bios: 2 😆 . So yes, nothing has changed.

Always try to run code formatters on save inside of the editor, never on a pre-commit hook of git. This makes it way easier for you to get into the habit of seeing the code how it ends up in production, not how you wrote it before sending it to git. Makes it easier to debug later.

Abundance Insider is an interesting newsletter. Highly recommend to subscribe here:

Finally GitHub is promising to enhance the mobile web experience 🙌

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