I rated Alita: Battle Angel (2019) 5/10


Part two? No, thank you. I want a refund. Such trash.

Thinking of writing a factory. In Ruby. 😂

I love the smell of refactorings in the morning.

Mein imaginärer Hund ist ein echter Freigeist.

Sternenhimmel, Sternenhimmel o-ho-o

It’s been a while since i virtually slapped someone with a large trout.

Mitte August. Zeit die GTX Schuhe wieder täglich zu tragen. Bis April.

This unmangeable npm dependency hellfire. We all know a simple `yarn upgrade` isn't enough, you need to `ncu -u`.

And then a dep. releases a new patch version with a breaking change. Sigh.

I rated Everybody in the Place (2018) 8/10


You like society and culture? There’s no way to avoid this.

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