I give the latest The Prodigy album 'No Tourists' a solid (5*2 + 4*3 + 4)/10 = 2,6 of 5 stars.

Guess what I will cook tomorrow.

Since when does that menu item exist? So helpful <3

If I could at least pull the latest master. Ugh.

Oh yeah, status page says: "All Systems Operational"


I was waiting for this notification quite a while, since the release of watchOS 5 to be exact. 😴
Well, I usually do not wear the watch at night. awooo.club/media/C0XLhGfkVUM9T

Falls jemand für mich spielen will (ich schalte heute nicht in die Berichterstattung ein):

Removing dust from the work horse

So ’s clock app now keeps notifications? Yeah obviously I don’t care about them.

Besonders nachhaltiges Fleisch, aus Australien eingeflogen.


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