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Verkehrssenatorin: Die Elsenbrücke muss abgerissen werden - Berlin - Aktuelle Nachrichten - Berliner Morgenpost

Und wer hat’s erfunden?
Die Cupertinoer.

OC auf IG – wow, who cares? IG is dead, bruv!

LPT: do not impulse buy stuff. Buy stuff you really need.
Find out if you need it by reviewing your shopping cart's items after a few days. Most times you probably won't need what you thought you can't live without.

Happy Black Friday cyber shopping week (your merchant will thank you).

If you didn’t watch Anthony Bourdain’s you’re missing out. Probably one of the best ever tv series. I can’t find words for what you’re missing out, it’s just too much, too many aspects.

Back in the days everybody was enraged of ICQ’s ToS: you transferred them the intellectual property of every message you wrote.

Today: well, ...

Deutschlandfunk hat diese Woche auch schöne Berichte über die heutigen Nachwirkungen des WW1 gesendet. Gibt's als Podcast hier:

I started watching the BBC miniseries about World War I: "The Great War". Each episode is full of information to digest. No bullsh*t.

It's from 1964 and it is amazing. I can recommend it if you want to learn about WWI while seeing original footage.

His mix is well crafted and showing a large spectrum of the best music style on this planet: Drum n Bass.

$ youtube-dl

OMG... DJ Friction is on the decks this weekend!
His mix from 2006 is legendary.

TIL: people let their dog poo in an elevator and do not bag it.

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