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Since I miss “the old internet” a bit, I recently thought what I really miss about it.

One of the things was reading the Wikipedia as endless stream of knowledge.

The Wikipedia iOS app is damn good. I plan to read one article a day. Today I read today and I learned and refreshed so much.

“later this week.”

Just turned of and will probably never reenable it, since my last time i used it was years ago.

The 24h Daytona is so intense. A bit more than 2h to go... |

Such conditions urgh
FCY ever 15 min...

amazing stint by Alonso. started p9, now is p1. superb driving, pure dominance on the brake.

In case someone is also disappointed of the non working Rolex Daytona 24h stream: *cough cough*

“vowe dot net :: Dark UI patterns at Apple”

talk plural, bring one example.
and you write about dark patterns? well, there’s a name for this pattern: clickbait.</rant>

Low carb whiskey sour: 5 bourbon, 3 fresh lemon juice, 1 xylitol, 1 water, optional egg white. Shake hard. Cheers.

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If you didn’t watch Anthony Bourdain’s you’re missing out. Probably one of the best ever tv series. I can’t find words for what you’re missing out, it’s just too much, too many aspects.

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When Anthony Bourdain searches for his father in Paraguay... and you just get goosebumps by a few words Toni says. 😶

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Anthony Bourdain’s gets unbelievably good from season 3 on.
Watching the development of the series makes it worthwhile anyway. It transports the atmosphere so well.

If you are into food and geopolitics... there is no way around . You have to watch it.

Best tv series ever? No, it’s not Breaking Bad. It certainly is .

Finally upgraded one of our projects from nuxt.js v1 to v2. No trouble at all, build size reduced nicely, seems faster. Yay.

within cells interlinked, within cells interlinked, within cells interlinked

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